revtools is a new software package that I’m developing for interactive visualisation of patterns in bibliographic data. It is intended as a support tool for systematic reviews and meta-analyses, allowing users to quickly get a feel for patterns in collections of articles, and to select those entries of most interest to them. This is brand new software, so use it at your own risk for now; but more updates are planned. You download it now from Github.

revtools has three basic functions:

  1. import bibliographic data from a range of formats:
    1. BibTex (.bib)
    2. ris (.ris; default for many academic databases)
    3. ciw (.ciw; ISI Web of Knowledge / Web of Science)
    4. Pubmed / Medline (.nbib)
  2. De-duplicate results from different sources
  3. analyse information from the title, keywords and abstracts using text mining approaches (LDA), and interactively select or exclude articles from your search (Shiny & Plotly)

You can