Martin Westgate

Science Advisor
Atlas of Living Australia

Visiting Fellow
Fenner School of Environment & Society
Australian National University

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I use R for all my analysis and software development. The main packages and apps that I have contributed to are listed below, while you can see a more complete list on my GitHub page.

metaverse logo metaverse
This new project aims to support systematic review workflows in R. The metaverse package merely imports a series of underlying packages; but the broader project is aimed at expanding and integrating those packages to allow seamless, end-to-end systematic review and meta-analysis.

predicter logo PredicTER
A Shiny app to estimate the time taken to complete an environmental systematic review or map as described in this paper by myself and Neal Haddaway. Estimated values are derived from both the scientific literature and a survey of systematic review practitioners; but users can alter any of the input parameters to customize the estimate to their own circumstances.

synthesisr logo synthesisr
A collaboration between myself and Eliza Grames, this package imports and de-duplicates bibliographic data from a range of formats.

revtools logo revtools
A package to support screening of article titles and abstracts in R. Users can screen articles one at a time, or investigate patterns in document similarity using a combination of topic models and correspondence analysis.

eviatlas logo eviatlas
A Shiny app to plot outcomes from systematic maps. This project was developed at the first Evidence Synthesis Hackathon in Stockholm, but watch this space for the package version, expected late 2020.