Frog Ecology

I have a long-standing interest in frog ecology. For my PhD, I studied the effects of historical fires on frog populations in Booderee National Park, on the south-east coast of Australia. More recently, I’ve worked with ACT Frogwatch to investigate trends in frog occurrence across the Canberra region over the last decade or so.

Key papers:

MJ Westgate, BC Scheele, K Ikin, AM Hoefer, RM Beaty, M Evans, W Osborne, L Rayner & DA Driscoll (2015) Citizen science program shows urban areas have lower occurrence of frog species, but not accelerated declinesPLoS ONE 10(11): e0140973. [PDF]

MJ Westgate, DA Driscoll & DB Lindenmayer (2012) Can the intermediate disturbance hypothesis and information on species traits predict anuran responses to fire? Oikos 121: 1516-1524. [PDF]