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A new ecosystem for evidence synthesis.

S Nakagawa, AG Dunn, M Lagisz, A Bannach-Brown, EM Grames, A Sánchez-Tójar, RE O'Dea, DWA Noble, MJ Westgate, PA Arnold, S Barrow, A Bethel, E Cooper, Y Zhi Foo, SR Geange, E Hennessy, W Mapanga, K Mengersen, C Munera, MJ Page, V Welch, Evidence Synthesis Hackathon 2019 Participants & NR Haddaway (2020) Nature Ecology & Evolution 10.1038/s41559-020-1153-2

First published 2020-03-23


Synthesizing evidence is an essential part of scientific progress, but it is often done in a slow and uncoordinated manner, sometimes producing misleading conclusions. Here, we propose the idea of an ‘open synthesis community’ to resolve this pressing issue.

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