About me: I am an ecologist and conservation biologist. I study how scientific information can be used to mitigate human impacts on the environment, using two complementary approaches:

  • evidence synthesis: I study ways to rapidly locate and synthesis scientific information, using methods from natural language processing and machine learning (see the revtools R package for more information)
  • empirical ecology: I use ecological datasets to understand how species respond to natural and human-induced change, and make recommendations for their conservation

MWI was awarded the Wiley/ESA Next Generation Ecologist Award for my research in 2017. I’m currently a research fellow in Professor David Lindenmayer’s lab at the Fenner School of Environment & Society, based at the Australian National University in Canberra.

This site is a good place to keep updated with any new or forthcoming publications, while you can keep up with my more mundane goings-on by following my twitter feed. Alternatively, you can view citations to my work on Google Scholar, or view some of my work on statistical analysis at GitHub.